Here's Serena Williams Hanging Out With The USA Basketball Team At McDonald's

Serena Williams won her first ever gold medal on August 4th. The Olympics, however, don’t end until August 12th.

So, what’s an American athlete to do in foggy Londontown when she’s done winning gold medals? Hang out with Team USA at a McDonald’s of course.

Photo: Serena Williams/Mobli

A few things to note about this photo:

  • Andre Iguodala cares more about his McDonald’s food than this photo-op with Serena Williams
  • The rest of Team USA are eating tiny cups of oatmeal
  • LeBron James still rocks a Yankees cap
  • Kevin Durant wearing a hood over a hat while sipping on a tiny glass of orange juice

Serena Williams posted this photo on real-time photo and video sharing app Mobli, which she just so happens to be an investor in.

Here’s Serena with Kobe Bryant (who is really enjoying these Olympics):

Photo: Serena Williams/Mobli

Tyson Chandler is really tall:

Photo: Serena Williams/Mobli

Kevin Durant doesn’t like to smile for the camera:

Photo: Serena Williams/Mobli

Serena Williams shows the US track and field team some love:

Photo: Serena Williams/Mobli

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