Here's President Eisenhower's eggnog recipe

Eisenhower family christmasPresident George W. Bush LibraryPresident Eisenhower celebrating Christmas with his family.

President Dwight D. Eisenhower is famous for many things. 

As Supreme Allied Commander of Allied Forces in Western Europe, Eisenhower helped oversee the D-Day invasion and the eventual defeat of Nazi Germany in World War II.

And as a president, he managed the building of the interstate highway system and deployed the National Guard to Little Rock, Arkansas in support of the desegregation of schools. 

In addition to all his military and political accomplishments, Eisenhower seemingly loved his bourbon — especially in eggnog.

In order to help celebrate this holiday season, the US National Archives tweeted out Eisenhower’s own eggnog recipe. 

The recipe calls for: 

  • 1 dozen egg yolks
  • 1 pound granulated sugar
  • 1 quart bourbon (part of which can be rum or brandy)
  • 1 quart coffee cream
  • 1 quart whipping cream

You can see Eisenhower’s full recipe below: 

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