Here’s One Thing Everyone Has Wrong About Yahoo And Marissa Mayer

Marissa Mayer
Marissa Mayer

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No doubt, Yahoo and new CEO Marissa Mayer have a huge challenge ahead when it comes to mobile.Web-based email is one of the biggest reasons people end up on right now, and in a mobile world where people check their email on their phones, that is going to slowly go away.

Also, Yahoo has always been a portal – the place users go to start on the Web, which Yahoo has organised for them.

Now that “portal” role is owned by operating systems: Android, iOS, and soon, Amazon’s version of Android.

So Yahoo will have to make things that those OS “portals” will want – or have – to point their users to.

What people don’t seem to know is that Yahoo has already taken great strides down this path. Yahoo is not as bad off on mobile as you might think.

In fact, according to ComScore, Yahoo, with 68 million users, has the third largest US mobile audience amongst mobile app-makers, only following Google (100 million) and Facebook (78 million).

It beats out Apple, Amazon, Rovio, and Pandora. Yahoo! Messenger has 28 million US users all on its own. Yahoo! Finance has 27 million.

Behold, a table:

Yahoo Mobile