Here's One Of The Small, But Great Perks About Being A Pro Golfer

Being one of the top 150 golfers in the world is basically a perk in and of itself.

Once you’ve made the top 150, life is pretty good. You play golf all day. You get to travel around and see the world. And, in general, you make good money on the course and off the course through sponsorships and corporate outings.

Sure, there’s some stress that comes with being a pro golfer. You’re not on a contract like a football or basketball player. So, you have no guaranteed income. It’s up to you to play well. One bad swing at the wrong time can ruin a round, costing you hundreds of thousands.

But, again, you’re a very good golfer, so that’s pretty sweet.

Here’s another little perk for golfers that most people probably don’t know about: courtesy cars. The PGA Tour provides players with loaner cars for the week of a tournament.

This week’s tournament is in Jersey City at Liberty National golf course.

We were there earlier in the week. One thing that jumped out walking from the media center to the course was the players’ parking lot which is filled with BMWs.

The Tour has a deal with BMW for this event, and all the players get a BMW for the week.

At other events, the players get different cars. (We were told that one of the events near Dallas gets Cadillacs.)

Of course, there are probably better towns to have a BMW in. Jersey City isn’t exactly a driver’s paradise. Many players are staying in Manhattan this week and they’re taking water taxis to the course.

The parking lot looked like a BMW dealership. The players might even be allowed to use these cars to drive the next tour stop, which is in Boston next week. Since the players cover all their own travel expenses, this is a nice bonus.

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