Here's one of the first big ideas of Malcolm Turnbull's 'ideas boom' -- a Twitter account

Photo: Getty.

Welcome to the ideas boom, Australia.

Prime minister Malcolm Turnbull is getting the nation thinking about a smarter, more nimble economy with a major science and innovation agenda launch today.

Adding to the importance of the occasion, the government had a Budget-style “lock up” at the CSIRO, with journalists given access to the policy documents under embargo before the official announcement.

Of course you can’t be part of a modern, innovative, digital-era economy without a Twitter account, so welcome also, to the @IdeasBoomAu handle.

One of the messages Turnbull and innovation minister Christopher Pyne seemed keen to emphasise during today’s announcement is that trying ideas is all about experimentation and can lead to the occasional failure.

The @IdeasBoomAu account seemed to embody that notion, starting out as a locked account, which means no-one could see it.

And the first tweet, when the account had a little less than 50 followers, was a little rocky, inadvertently tweeting the PM and his minister directly.

As Twitter veterans would know, you need to add a full stop at the start to send it as a general tweet everyone can see. @IdeasBoomAu was getting the hang of it 60 seconds later.

An hour into the boom, the account now has 200 followers and made 7 tweets, including retweeting the PM. No doubt there are plenty more ideas to come.

You can follow @IdeasBoomAu here.

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