Here's one ingenious way to get better tips for your staff

Photo: Lifehacker

Here’s a quick “tip” for readers working in hospitality: Instead of relying on the generosity of your customers to boost your income, try pitching their inner geeks against each other with a tips-based poll.

Entrepreneurship comes in all shapes and sizes. On the smaller end of the spectrum is this ingenious two-pronged tipping initiative we spotted at a Turkish2Go outlet in Blaxland.

Each week, the kebab store presents its customers with two tip jars representing rival products which are usually geared towards fandom (e.g. — “Android or iPhone?”, “Xbox or PlayStation?” “Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings?”) Customers cast their votes by placing a tip in the corresponding jar, with the highest tally declared the “winner” at the end of the week.

Personally, we think this is an extremely clever way for small businesses to bolster their tips; especially when it comes to frequent customers who will get to see who the “winner” is. Hell, in the case of Harry Potter vs Lord of the Rings, we’d even consider leaving a tip for shoddy service — when it comes to fan wars, victory must come at any cost.

Have you ever come across any unusual tipping incentives at bars or restaurants? Let us know in the comments section below.

This article first appeared at Lifehacker Australia. See the original post here.

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