Here's One Awesome Thing About The Commission Of Audit's Report

Photo: Getty Images

The commission of audit’s report is out, and it is a huge piece of work with some potentially far-reaching implications for Australia’s future.

Without wanting to distract from the importance of the report, as these things go, it is really well-written.

Documents about the public finances aren’t always the most user-friendly, especially those from government. You wouldn’t read it for fun.

But this is a breath of fresh air.

The contents of the commission’s report are only recommendations, of course, which requires less detail than, say, a budget paper.

Even so, a few government departments and lobby groups could learn a thing or two from from the concise, clear language.

While long, dry and boring, it’s easy to understand, without skimping on any of the important details.

It could be because the report, the result of months of analysis by the Tony Shepherd-led team, wasn’t solely left to a bunch of bureaucrats.

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