Here’s North Korea’s Official Newspaper—Online For The First Time

kim jong un

North Korea has just started publishing its official newspaper, Rodong Sinmum, online. Like everything about North Korea, it’s weirdly compelling: You don’t know whether to be delighted, saddened or angry at what passes for media in the hermit kingdom.

The headlines in the “Newspaper of the workers” seem to be emanating from an alternative reality. Here’s a sample:

  • “Stone Processing Industry of DPRK with Promising Future”
  • “Kim Jong Un Sends Books to Grand People’s Study House”
  • “150 000 Cubic Meters of Earth Blasted”
  • “University Students Conduct Socio-Political Activities at Power Complex”
  • “Natural Stones and Patriotism”

We have Lyndsay Lohan, they have earth-moving news, I guess. Both are pure PR, of course.

The image above is from their front-page scoop, “Kim Jong Un Inspects Construction Projects Undertaken by KPA.”