Check Out The Batmobile Concept Car That Nissan Will Race At LeMans

Nissan Deltawing

Photo: AP Images

Nissan has a new Deltawing race car which will race at this year’s 24 Hours of LeMans.The car was originally proposed to IndyCar a potential new design for its cars. But IndyCar turned down the design calling it “too radical.”

LeMans, where experimental car design is more common, ended up picking up the design. However, this year, the Deltawing will only be competing in the experimental category.

This car is certainly going to be a head-turner at LeMans

The engine in the Deltawing is actually not very powerful, cranking just 300 BHP, or about 200 BHP less than other cars racing at LeMans

However, what it lacks in power, it makes up for in weight

The Deltawing weighs just 1,300 pounds, about half the weight of other cars at LeMans

Less weight means the car will need less fuel and fewer tire changes

The front looks a little like the head of a snake

Many think the car is reminiscent of an old-school Batmobile

And there is certainly a resemblance

But we think it looks more like the old SR-71 Blackbird

But whatever it looks like, it is certain to draw a lot of interest at LeMans

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