Here's More Evidence Android Phones Are Dumbphones In Disguise

Tim cook pointingAPToldja!

Android has way more market share than iOS.

It is in fact the world’s biggest computing platform.

You’d think that would mean that app developers would want to spend all their time building apps for Android and not iOS or other platforms.

But they don’t.

Apple CEO Tim Cook’s theory for why they don’t is that people who own Android phones don’t actually use them as computers the way people who own iPhones do.

Here’s a crazy stat from VentureBeat that backs up this assertion: “A study of more than 200 billion ads on Facebook says that mobile ads on iPhone generate 1,790 per cent more return on investment than ads on Android. Even worse, advertising on Android actually costs more than it returns.”

The Facebook ads on iPhone are more valuable because people actually use iPhones to shop.

Android owners don’t use their phones to do that.

What that means if you’re a developer building a shopping app is that you’d be wasting your time building it for anything but the iPhone.

Pretty good news for Apple.

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