Here's Kim Jong-un As The Posterboy For Adultery Website Ashley Madison

kim jong un ashley madison cheating

Photo: Ashley Madison, Twitter

Never one to shy away from a publicity opportunity, “dating” website Ashley Madison—which specialises in adultery—has used North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-un’s surprise marriage as an opportunity to promote him as a new potential client.The cheating site has plastered Jong-un’s face on a billboard by LAX with the text: “Affairs now guaranteed! Even if you look like him.” (Which, as Adfreak pointed out, is “Like what, an Asian guy? Nice.”)

Ashley Madison explained their marketing strategy to Laist in a press release that reads:

CEO Noel Biderman thought it was the perfect time to welcome the monochromatically dressed dictator to the world of wedded bliss. “Whether you’re the most powerful man in America, France, Italy or North Korea – you are destined to cheat. With with 15 million members in 25 countries, even Kim Jung Un can find an affair on” brags Biderman.

That’s right, it wrote “brags” in a press release.

Ashley Madison is known for using famous cheating political figures as unofficial “spokespeople”—Biderman even told BI that it had offered Herman Cain $400,000 to officially associate himself with the company after word of his affair leaked—but this is something else.

Now check out the raunchy billboard a Cougar dating website put up on Sunset Blvd>

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