Here's Kayla Itsines' plan to turn her huge social brand into hard cash

Photo: Kayla Itsines/ Facebook.

Kayla Itsines has made a name for herself by transforming women’s bodies into trim, toned figures.

Having found her fame on Instagram, then releasing a guide to her workouts — at the request of her followers — there isn’t a girl aged 15 to 25 years old who wouldn’t know her name, or her Bikini Body Guide.

But having been in the game a couple of years, and continuing to listen to her faithful followers (who could easily be described as a “Kayla cult”), like every good entrepreneur Itsines wanted to go bigger and better.

Last month she released her first app: Sweat with Kayla, a “coaching platform” which includes her guides and healthy eating programs.

Within the first week the app was the number one trending app on the local iTunes store.

Now, it’s important to note that Kayla Itines does not talk business — trust me, I’ve tried to squeeze it out of her. No numbers, no nothing. But I can tell you this. Her workout guides, purchased via her website cost $70. Add the healthy eating program and you’re looking at about $120 for the package deal.

She has 4 million followers on Instagram, 3.5 million on Facebook and 260,000 on Twitter.

It’s safe to say she’s had a lot of sales.

But it’s her new app that’s expected to make her a motza.

The app is going to cost users $240/ year

For $4.61 per week women can download her Sweat with Kayla app and use all the features available. But there’s a small catch. It’s a minimum three-month sign up period, and a year will cost you $240.

But according to Itsines it’s the price of “having a personal trainer in your pocket”.

Business Insider talked to Itsines about how she justifies the price point, and what the next installment will be.

Following her Australian tour in March, Itsines said seeing her followers come together was the inspiration for the app.

“We saw the girls come together on the Australian tour, and they were like ‘we want an app, we don’t know how to find each other’.

“A lot of them came by themselves and left as friends. And we were like this is amazing, this is what I want, for them to be able to inspire each other.”

From there the team got stuck in and had the app planned and developed in seven months.

“We don’t muck around,” she said.

When it came to deciding on a price, Kayla said it’s more than an app, it “will be a coaching platform, so it’s like having a personal trainer in your pocket.

“Let’s say you pay a trainer the minimal price of $30 for a 30-minute session. So if you’re training three times a week that would be $90, or four times it would be more. So instead of being $90, it’s $4.61.”

She said along with that, the included features such as the shopping list, food guide and challenges makes it worth the price.

Plans to keep growing

“And eventually we want to open the app so that the BBG community can communicate with each other,” she said.

“At the moment they are communicating through social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, which we still want them to do but we want them to be able to find each other through the app as well.

“We plan to build and build and build so that by 2016 it will be completely different.”

When asked if she considered selling the app for a single fee up front she said “we’ll still consider that,” but she said feedback from her consumers will determine what happens next.

“While it’s a subscription (structure) we are constantly changing, constantly innovating,” she said.

“It won’t always be those particular workouts… it will be 3.0 and then 4.0. It’s a subscription because it’s constantly growing with you.”

The launch of Sweat with Kayla wasn’t without glitches, like with most new apps there were a few bugs early on.

“Everyone was expecting not one bug, because it’s Kayla’s app,” she said. “But it’s the first couple of days so this is the crucial time when you’ve got to make sure everything is functioning perfectly.

“I get feedback from the girls, make the update, and that’s coming out soon.”

Watch this space.

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