Here’s Johnny! Jack Nicholson Sells California Home for $3.5 Million

Did you ever see the movie The Shining? You know the one – the one where Jack Nicholson goes crazy and takes an axe to a door?

Well, ol’ Jack is at it again – this time taking an axe to his home’s selling price as he just sold it on the market.

Nicholson – the star of such memorable films as As Good As It Gets, A Few Good Men, The Bucket List, and a host of other classics – unloaded his ranch-style villa in sunny Malibu, California for $3.5 million, down considerably from the $4.25 million it originally listed for when it was put up for sale in February of this year before being yanked from the market.

The home is a nice one, with three bedrooms, two baths, a tennis court, pool and cabana, and 70 acres of California countryside. The living areas inside the 2,300 sq. ft. home are spacious and welcoming, and there is a certain rustic quality that Jack probably found endearing.

Not endearing enough to keep, though, and rumour has it The Joker himself is angling for a plush NYC high-rise. We think New York City condos are more his style, anyway, especially after his Academy Award-winning portrayal of misanthropic novelist Melvin Udall in As Good As It Gets – set in The Big Apple, naturally.

No word yet on who the buyer is, but whoever it may be, he or she will undoubtedly enjoy the nice views and great location of the ranch villa. The built-in putting green is a nice touch as well – even though no one will ever confuse Jack Nicholson for Jack Nicklaus, outside of the name.

Those who are upset about missing out on buying Jack’s former abode, don’t fret – he has several other Southern California spreads that may come on the market sooner or later.

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