Here's Ivanka Trump's careful explanation of why her dad isn't sexist

Ivanka trumpGetty Images/Paul MorigiThe interview took place during the Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit in Washington, DC.

In an
interview with CNN’s Poppy Harlow, Ivanka Trump answered questions about some of her father’s most inflammatory comments about women.

According to The Telegraph’s “Donald Trump Sexism Tracker,” the Republican presidential candidate has been making controversial remarks since 1990.

Harlow wanted Ivanka’s reaction to two of Donald’s comments: the one about Carly Fiorina (“Look at that face! Would anyone vote for that?”) and the one about Megyn Kelly (“There was blood coming out of her eyes; blood coming out of her wherever.”).

Rather than defend her father’s words, Ivanka pivoted to the media response and the way Donald runs his business.

“I think a lot of the sensationalism around this was orchestrated largely by the media,” she started. “Look, my father is very blunt, he is very direct. He is not gender specific in his criticism of people … I don’t think that he is gender targeted at all.”

She pointed to her own position — executive vice president at The Trump Organisation, the same title as her two brothers — to dispel claims that her dad is sexist.

“I wouldn’t be a high level executive in his organisation if he felt that way. He has always supported and encouraged women, and truthfully, he’s proven that through his employment practices and his hiring practices,” she said.

Asked what a Donald Trump presidency would do for women, Ivanka said, “He’d be amazing … He’s starting to articulate his positions; it’s not my place to articulate those for him. I’m not part of the campaign. I’m very busy, and he has kept me very busy, working al onside my brothers.”

Another project that’s keeping the mother of two (with one on the way) busy is her “Women Who Work” initiative, which aims to show what modern working women actually look like.

“There’s an unfortunate and prevailing depiction of the working woman as wearing a black pantsuit and being solely focused on her professional role,” she told Harlow. “There’s this caricature of what [a working woman] looks like.”

But as Ivanka talks about working women and stereotypes, it’s hard not to think about some of the things her father has said about women like Arianna Huffington (“unattractive both inside and out”), New York Times columnist Gail Collins (“the face of a dog!”), and numerous others.

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