Here's How Your Company's Website Could Be Holding Your Business Back

Alec Lynch/ supplied

Worldwide business-to-consumer e-commerce sales are expected to reach $1.471 trillion in 2014, according to independent market researcher eMarketer.

Because of this you’d expect that all modern businesses would have a fully functional, up-to-date website right? Wrong.

In fact almost 20% of businesses have never updated their website since going online, according to research conducted by online graphic design marketplace DesignCrowd, who surveyed 300 local and international businesses.

The ABS reports that in 2013 only 47% of all Australian business had a web presence.

While astonishing, these facts are true and are hurting company’s unaware of the impact a website has on a business’ success.

Business Insider spoke to Alec Lynch, CEO and co-founder of DesignCrowd, to gauge what makes a good website and why it’s important for businesses to realise the full potential of their site.

According to Lynch “it’s never been easier to get your business online or find a professional designer.”

No matter what type of business you have, a good website can be the difference between success and failure.

“If your website is not working effectively that is the equivalent of a retail store turning the lights off and shutting the doors in the middle of the day – customers won’t come inside and customers won’t buy,” he says.

“The key to a successful website is ongoing improvement. You’ll never get the website perfect the first time. You should always be testing new designs, new copy, new images,” Lynch says. “If you want more traffic, more enquiries and more sales for your business – getting your business online and improving your website over time is a great way to do this.”

Lynch says up-to-date content, contact information and fully functioning links are all a part of maxamising the success of your business through its website.

“Your website is more than just a virtual face – it’s a fundamental part of your business’ identity full stop. Australia has 18 million Internet users and 3 out of 4 shop online – so having a website and having an effective website is a critical part of doing business.”

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