How You Know If You're A Real Entrepreneur

Revenge of the Nerds

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If you can deal with not being the smartest person in the room, you’ve got an entrepreneur mindset. It’s easy to become intimidated by really smart people. They can solve problems more efficiently than most, have a different outlook on situations and sometimes live in their own little world.

But the majority of average people tend to feel uncomfortable around really smart people.

Kevin D. Johnson, founder of Johnson Media, says on his blog that most people opt to hang out with those who are of average intelligence because people want to feel like they fit in, which is something much harder to do when you don’t feel like you connect with the people around you.

But this way of thinking goes out the window if you’re an entrepreneur. In this case, you will want to feel uncomfortable because you’ll be able to learn in these situations. Therefore, you’ll continue to surround yourself with the brightest minds:

“Today, I continue to maintain an ever-expanding circle of intelligent people, pruning those who have little to contribute professionally. My circle includes long-time CEOs, technologists, investors, and others, many of whom come from the top universities and companies in the world. They make me feel inadequate and sometimes just really stupid, but I am OK with that because I know that I learn so much from them. It’s not easy to find and to develop solid relationships with smart people, especially as you grow older, but it’s worth the effort.”

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