Here's How You Kill A Famous Politician On Twitter

margaret thatcher

Photo: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Faux Twitter account @OfficialSkyNews caused an international uproar yesterday when it announced former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher had died.Just in case you want to follow in the footsteps of that bogus account, The Washington Post has created a pretty handy how-to guide about how to kill off famous people on Twitter.

From the guide:

  • Make sure your fake account seems legitimate. Try to create a spin-off of a legitimate news organisation or person. In this case, @OfficialSkyNews was a variation of @SkyNews.
  • Your account needs to actually look legit. Copy the real news organisation’s logo. And make sure you have followers. Nothing says legitimate like a healthy following. Word to the wise from the Post, Social Media Corp lets you buy followers. Might be a good idea. 
  • This might go without saying, but make sure you pick a good victim. If you’re going through the trouble to falsely tweet someone has died, make sure it’s someone people care about.
  • Once you’ve garnered national attention, change your user name and avoid questions.

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