Here's how you can still vote in the same-sex marriage survey if you're an Australian living overseas

Photo: Tobias Schwarz/ AFP/ Getty Images

Voting in the same-sex marriage survey for Australians living overseas opened today, Monday, September 25.

Everyone on the electoral role, including if you’re currently overseas, can have a say on whether to change the law so same-sex couples can marry in Australians.

While people living in the country should have the postal by now – see here about what to do if you haven’t – if you’re in a foreign country and want to vote, then you need to get a secure access code to vote over the phone or online by calling +61 2 6252 5262.

If you’re a voter who has an overseas postal address on the Electoral Roll, then you will be posted a letter containing the access code.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics, which is running the survey, has more details here.

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