How To Turn A Coworker You Hate Into Your Biggest Ally

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As we work longer hours, it can be difficult to not get along with someone you spend so much time with.Simon North at Forbes says that tensions surface because “people bring their emotional baggage — past and present — to every work and social situation.”

Holding grudges and constantly bickering with colleagues isn’t productive or professional.

In his article, North advises to put yourself in the other person’s shoes and see the good in them, but aside from this, you should also dig around to see why they act the way they do. 

He writes: 

“Alternatively, you can gain an increased understanding of someone by asking others what they know about the person. You can do this without being gossipy; don’t put words in people’s mouths but simply let them tell you the facts. It’s possible to know a person for many years and have no idea what they’re going through right now — unless you ask.”

If there are numerous people you don’t get along with at work, try to find the common personality trait in them that might be the cause of friction.

North says you can do this by making a “colour-coded map” of your coworkers and colour people a certain colour if you don’t like them. 

“Look for clusters of the same type of colour and ask yourself what you can do to turn things around in that particular network. Noticing patterns of hate clustered in the same place is a useful way of figuring out what’s wrong.”

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