Here's How To Triple Your Beta Users Overnight

I wrote an article recently titled SkyGlue, It’s Like The CIA For Your Website, and posted it on last Saturday morning.  In speaking with founder Eric Huang recently, I learned he saw a HUGE influx of beta users and literally tripled his user base in two days. Here’s how you too can triple your user base.

Solve An Obvious Problem

This sounds obvious as I write it out, but having a product that solves an obvious problem is the best way to attract users.  SkyGlue helps you see what/where your users are clicking on your site.  ALL website owners have that need and SkyGlue definitely meets it.  Find an obvious need and fill it by offering a simple solution.  Easy enough.

Find and Align with a Great Analogy

Analogies are convenient when trying to remember what products or services actually do.  Consider what Eric actually told me when I asked about SkyGlue:

“It works with Google analytics and enables individual user tracking and simplifies Google Analytics event tracking, automatically tracking links, downloads, form interaction activities, buttons and many more within your Google Analytics reports.”

I’m like, “OK…. So it allows you to see what users are doing on your site?”  He said “Yes, exactly!” 

Later on when I was writing the post it hit me, “wow, SkyGlue is the like the CIA for your website.”  One thing I do know was that title drove more than 2,300 views to the article, so the analogy was HUGE in gaining attention.  And it’s a tweetable analogy as well, so it was passed along through Twitter most of the weekend.  Finding an easy analogy to align with your product helps people remember you.  They will also want to use your product since the analogy helped them understand what the product actually does.

Find An Inside Connection to The Media

Solving a need and aligning your product with an analogy is good, but worthless if nobody hears your message.  If is imperative you find media outlets and get connect with someone on the inside who can get your words out.. to the ones who need to hear it.  Eric was willing to extend himself and and knew he needed to get the SkyGlue word out, so he contacted me and we set up an interview.  Others have reached out as well, and the result has been some of the newer posts you may have read from me recently.  I am open to connecting with other founders who are looking for exposure, and I will write about ones that I see fit my current writing profile. 

A word on connecting: be kind about it.  Genuinely connect like you have something to offer them as well.  Spamming bloggers/journalists is not going to get you a post.  Connecting with them via social media, or a friendly email with their needs in mind shows you respect them as well.  This goes a long way.

Now go triple your users – like tomorrow.

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