7 signs you’re wasting your weekend, even if it doesn’t feel like it

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Make a plan to avoid wasting your time off. Jane Rahman/Flickr

When you think about it, a weekend’s a terrible thing to waste.

You’re given two glorious days all to yourself. That’s time to recharge and relax. Weekends are crucial for setting yourself up for success for Monday and beyond.

That’s why it’s important you don’t fall into these time-wasting traps that could throw off your entire week.

Here are seven things that unsuccessful people tend to do over the weekend — and why to avoid them:

1. You never make a plan

Not every minute of every hour of your weekend needs to be planned out, but it’s good to have a general idea of what you’d like to do or get done — even if you’re just scheduling downtime.

That will allow you protect your time, and maybe even schedule in some fun events.

You might view the weekend as something that doesn’t need to be thought out ahead of time, but a little planning can really go a long way.

2. You let technology dominate your life

Put away your phone. Shut off your work email — and make it clear to your coworkers that you won’t be responding. Don’t get addicted to technology.

A weekend spent hunched over a laptop or a phone is a wasted one. It might feel like you need to work through the weekend to get ahead, but you’re really just setting yourself up to burn out.

3. You waste money

You pinch pennies all week, and then blow it all over the weekend.

Heck, you should treat yourself every once in a while. That being said, if you’re overspending on the weekends on frivolities that you don’t need, then it’s time to consider some cheap but fun options, like staycations or free local events.

4. You don’t reflect

During your busy week, it can be difficult to snag some time to just think about your life and goals. It’s important to check in with yourself every once in a while.

5. You never stop thinking about work

On Fridays, it’s a great idea to set out an agenda for the next Monday. Being prepared is great; being a workaholic is not. Kick back and relax a bit on Saturday and Sunday! Don’t waste your time off worrying about work.

6. You don’t relax

In order to be productive, and therefore successful, at work, it’s important to use the weekend to recharge your batteries. If your weekends include zero downtime, then you’ll never feel rested or refreshed, which can be detrimental to your success.

Sometimes, things come up. However, in general, successive stressful weekends could really take a toll on your life.

7. You don’t prepare for the week ahead

Again, having a planning session might not sound like a crucial aspect of any weekend.

But it definitely is.

Sunday nights are the perfect time to plan for the week ahead. You can make a to-do list, update or review your calendar, or just think about what it is you’d like to accomplish in the coming days. If you’re not using your weekends to plan ahead at all, that could be a major problem.

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