Here's How To Keep Your Customers Coming Back To Your Store For More

Samir Hussein/Getty Images

While online shopping in Australia is fast becoming the preferred way to shop – with three out of four internet users making purchases online – the ritual of walking into a store to try clothes on, and be treated to customer service, is unlikely to ever disappear.

But new research by AMP Capital shopping centres has found shopper has evolved and now demands more than just price point – they want an experience.

“Brands are beginning to come up with new and innovative ways to connect like-minded people and forge strong communities and brand advocates,” said Bryan Hynes, managing director of AMP Capital shopping centres.

In fact, the study found that one third of shoppers would return to a store if it connected them with like-minded people.

In addition, 59% of shoppers say they are more likely to shop at a store where they experiences a human connection.

Here’s what will ensure a customer will return to a retail store.

  • 79% would return if a store that felt genuine and trustworthy
  • 70% would return if customer service was proactive
  • 64% would return if a store surprised them with their service
  • 59% would return if a store was accessible both in store and online
  • 58% would return if they were treated to unexpected in store samples

Among some other findings, AMP also found that loyalty was not earned through discounts, sales and rewards alone, but rather with excellent service, enthusiasm and, above all, 83% valued honesty, regardless of making the sale.

This week the retail sales for August were released, recording a rise just 0.1% seasonally adjusted, below expectations of market economists who had predicted a 0.4% gain.

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