Microsoft Isn't Going To Let People Buying New Computers In The Next Few Months Get Free Upgrades To Windows 8

windows 8 on acer ultrabook

Photo: Steve Kovach, Business Insider

If you buy a new PC after June 2, you’ll be able to upgrade to Windows 8 for $15, reports Supersite For Windows.That’s pretty cheap, but it’s not free and Microsoft has historically given away its OS for free to people who buy a new PC a few months before a new operating system comes out.

Word is, the $15 will at least give you the upgraded version of Windows 8, known as Windows 8 Pro.

Still it’s weird for Microsoft to charge for this at all. Microsoft normally does everything it can to keep Windows sales going in the months before it releases a new OS. Microsoft hasn’t given an official release date, but Windows 8 is expected in the fall in time for the holiday season.

So there’s talk that this upgrade will will also include extra goodies like Windows Media centre. Windows Media centre lets you use a PC with a remote control to do things like watch and record TV and play DVDs and music. Microsoft included it with Windows 7 but it has pulled it out of Windows 8 and will now charge extra for it. The company hasn’t said how much it will charge.

If the $15 includes Windows 8 Pro and Windows Media centre, that’s a better deal. It might make you forget that this stuff used to be free.

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