9 Quick Tricks To customise Your New iPad

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Photo: Steve Kovach, Business Insider

There are a lot of settings that will help you to customise and extend the use of your iPad that you may have missed.That’s why we created this list of a few quick tips to help you ensure you get the most out of your device.

Warning, you may want to follow along with your iPad for this one.

Tip # 1: Change the wallpaper of both your lock screen and your home screen. You can download one of the many free HD wallpaper apps from the app store to find some that you like.

Tip # 2: Adjust the brightness of your iPad screen. A setting of around 25-30 % is recommended to preserve the battery but you can adjust accordingly. To set your iPad's brightness go to Settings > Brightness & Wallpaper.

Tip # 3: Adjust the sounds that your iPad makes. You can control whether and what type of sound your iPad makes when you send and receive mail, tweet, have a reminder alert and more. To adjust the sounds go to Settings > General > Sounds.

Tip # 4: Determine if you want to be reminded about how much battery you have left by numeric representation or not. If you do not want the percentage of battery that you have left to show in the upper right hand corner of your iPad you can change that by going to Settings > General > Usage > Battery Percentage > No.

Tip # 5: Turn off your push notifications. Unless you want to be constantly reminded of emails, IM's and other notifications you will most likely want to disable this feature. To do this go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Push > Off.

Tip # 6: Register with Apple's Game centre. If you use your iPad for gaming purposes then having an account with the Game centre will come in handy. You can register through the Game centre app that comes with the iPad. You can use your Apple ID to sign in as well.

Tip # 7: organise your apps on your home screen. You can do this by pressing down on an app until all of the apps start to move. Once all of the apps are moving you can re-arrange them or delete apps altogether.

Tip # 9: Turn your lock screen into a digital picture frame for your photos. To set it up go to Settings > Picture Frame. From there choose all of the transition settings and make sure that all of the photos you want to display are in the album that you have pointed it to show.

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