Here's How The Athletes Fared In Last Night's Election


Most of the results from last night’s election are in and we at the Sports Page were instantly interested in how athletes performed in the political arena.

Athletes ran for office in five major races, and it appears they will take home three of them.

  • Chris Dudley leads 49 per cent to 48 per cent over John Kitzhaber in the Oregon gubernatorial race that is still to close to be call.
  • N.C. Dem. Heath Shuler garnered 54 per cent of the vote to defeat republican Jeff Miller (46 per cent) for a seat in the U.S. House.
  • Former NBA centre Shawn Bradley (R) garnered 46 per cent of the vote, losing to democrat Tim Cosgrove (51 per cent) for a seat in Utah’s House.
  • Jon Runyan (R) easily won a seat in congress from New Jersey’s third congressional district. 
  • Keith Fimian (R) appears to have lost his race against Gerry Connolly for Virginia’s 11th district seat in the U.S. House. He trails 49.1 per cent to 48.9 per cent; but with a handful of outstanding precincts and just a 500 vote deficit, there’s still a chance. 

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