Here's how the east coast of Australia is handling the heatwave

Photo: Don Arnold/ Getty Images

If you live in eastern Australia, then you know it’s hot.

The entire east coast of is currently in the grip of a heatwave classified by one climate researcher as ‘horrifying’.

Air conditioning systems are on full blast, with some areas in western Sydney reaching the early 40s.

Tomorrow is set to be even hotter, with highs of 47C predicted in some parts of eastern Australia before the thermometer finally drops late Sunday night.

On Wednesday, South Australia went into meltdown after blackouts as cuts of power cuts hit the state and there have been warnings today that NSW may suffer the same fate.

Here’s a look at how everyone is coping with the extreme weather conditions.

Unlucky workers without air conditioning are currently melting.

Some are preparing for the heat apocalypse over the weekend.

Some are seeing the lighter side.

Some are using tried and true tactical methods to keep core body temperature down.

It’s not all fun and games though.

And finally, a very valid question.

It’s not just Australia copping the extreme weather.

While we bake, Americans are suffering from a massive snowstorm that saw temperatures drop to -6C before lunchtime.

And right now in Western Australia, it’s flooding and Perth posted its coldest February day on record yesterday.

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