Here's how Sydney's inner city hipsters are gaming for the Opal Card for just $15

Source: Transport NSW

People are using light rail stops around Sydney’s Star casino to game the Opal card, the NSW government’s electronic public transport payment system.

Fairfax Media reports that it counted around 150 people tapping on and off between two stops, 200 metres apart in Pyrmont, without getting on the train, over 75 minutes late on Monday morning, when the fare was just $2.10.

The Opal system gives users free rides for the week once they’ve made eight trips, so people are making shorter, cheaper off-peak trips before going on to take longer peak-hour ones. It means the total weekly cost for an adult fare would be $15.

Doing the shuffle between the Star and Pyrmont Bay stops saves up to $50 a week, some claim.

Former transport minister Gladys Berejiklian challenged transport users to “beat the system” when it was launched, but now she’s treasurer, it might not seem like such a good idea.

The Sydney Morning Herald story is here.

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