Here's How People Are Using Their iPads Differently Than Their iPhones

It’s still early in the iPad’s life, but app analytics firm Distimo, via Gizmodo, has compiled some data showing how iPad users are using their new toy.

Compared to the iPhone, news, books, productivity and education are more popular on the iPad. This could be a result of there only being 2,000+ apps for the iPad compared to 150,000 on the iPhone. Also it could be a result of app developers not yet figuring out the iPad.

Whatever, the case, it’s interesting to see how people will use the iPad. While most reviews of the iPad are glowing, people remain slightly befuddled about how exactly people will use the thing.

Here’s a comparison of iPhone and the iPad:


Photo: Gizmodo

This chart shows the total break down of iPad applications:


Photo: Gizmodo

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Image credit: Jalopnik

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