Here's How Oreo Tried To Win The Oscars On Twitter

You probably can’t sleep if you’re on Oreo’s social media team.

After the cookie company’s clever — and immediate — reaction to the Super Bowl blackout with a tweet that read “You can still dunk in the dark,” Oreo has become the go-to brand for quick tweets on notable pop culture moments, complete with original artwork as well.

During the Grammy’s, Oreo celebrated Justin Timberlake’s musical turn by tweeting a picture of a cookie with a bow tie that read, “Bringing Tasty Back,” (a reference to Timberlake’s “Bringing Sexy Back”).

It also brought its game face to Twitter for the Academy Awards.

Oreo’s first Tweet was a reference to “Wreck It Ralph,” which was nominated for best animated film:

oreo oscars twitter wreck it ralph

Photo: Twitter @Oreo

Then, during the James Bond tribute, Oreo paid its own homage to the international man of mystery by recreating the films’ famous gun barrel sequence:

oreo james bond oscars

Photo: Twitter @Oreo

Of course, Oreo noted that everyone wasn’t watching the Oscars. The cookie’s Twitter account also gave a “Walking Dead” shoutout since the show was competing with the Academy Award broadcast:

oreo oscars twitter walking dead

Photo: Twitter @Oreo

And finally, Oreo was there for biggest award of all: the best picture category. As soon as “Argo” won, Oreo tweeted a reference to its plot:

oreo oscars twitter argo

Photo: Twitter @Oreo

While the Super Bowl tweet was completely off-the-cuff — no one expected a blackout in the middle of the biggest live broadcast of the year! — we’re suspecting that many of these reactions were already ready to go by the time a winner was announced on TV.

Oreo even created a hashtag, #OREOmotionpics, for the affair.

Even though none of these tweets had the viral success of the blackout reaction, Oreo has cemented a spot as a real-time marketer to watch.

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