Here's How Obama Can Win In 2012 Even If The Economy Doesn't Rebound

Obama in the gingerbread Factory

The conventional wisdom is that Obama really needs to pump on the political gas pedal, pick fights with the GOP, and hopefully engineer a big economic recovery in order to win in 2012.

But maybe he doesn’t. Public Policy Polling will have a new poll out tomorrow that shows Obama’s poll results in Ohio are terrible, and that he still leads his likely competitors in head-to-head matchups. Palin, Huckabee, Romney, and Gingrich are all trailing.

That the GOP looks weak has been known to be an issue for a while, and so far nobody seems to actually be connecting with the public (what’s more, those big four names are all pretty well known, so it’s doubtful that their weak results have something to do with “name recognition.”)

Granted, a new name could emerge (Pawlenty?!), but as of right now, it’s not unreasonable for the administration to bet that they could coast to victory.

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