What the Tesla Powerwall will cost in Australia

Kevork Djansezian Getty Images

Origin has announced it will be one of the re-sellers of the Tesla Powerwall.

It says it will sell the Powerwall as part of a home energy management system along with a Solar Edge inverter and 4kW Trina solar panels for about $16,500.

That price is for Queensland and includes installation. There will be variations in prices for other states. Installations will start in February.

The Tesla Powerwall will probably be sold separately sometime next year. Origin already has 400,000 solar customers, most of them potential buyers of a Powerwall as an add on.

Origin doesn’t give a price for the Powerwall on its own but industry sources said it would be a bit less than one-third of the current bundled price, around $5000.

“Origin is providing customers with a simple, no-fuss solution by allowing them to buy their solar system, inverter and battery product from us, have it installed and monitored by us and enjoy the benefits of our post sales service support,” says Origin’s CEO of energy markets, Frank Calabria.

“Home batteries will not be for everyone at this early stage, but with more than 80 per cent of solar PV owners in a recent survey indicating they would consider buying a home battery, Origin is ideally placed to help consumers find the right solution for them with our end to end offering.”

Powerwall stores 6.4kWh of usable energy, about enough to meet an average home’s peak evening electricity needs.

Australia, along with Canada and Germany, is one of the first countries outside the US to get Powerwalls

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