Here's How Much Money Nike Gives Oregon To Dress Them In Those Crazy Uniforms

Oregon Ducks Football Championship

Photo: SBRadio

We love the ridiculous Nike football uniforms the University of Oregon introduces on a weekly basis. They are great exposure for both the program and the apparel company, and have many players longing to either suit up for the Ducks or in Nike uniforms.So how much does Nike pay for the right to use Oregon uniforms as a blank canvas?

Under an agreement signed earlier this year that extends through 2018, Nike provides Oregon athletics with:

  • $2.5 million worth of gear each year
  • $750,000 in cash each year
  • $200,000 in “extra gear” as requested by athletic department officials

That’s a hefty sum from Nike co-founder and University of Oregon alum Phil Knight. He also made a $41 million donation in November for the construction of a new football facility.

That facility should help draw recruits, which in turn will improve the program and give Nike even more attention. So it is, at least in part, an investment back in Nike, as well as a “donation” to the alma mater.

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