Here's how much it will cost for Australians to take a 'more precise' test for 44 cancers and heart conditions

Photo: Dan Kitwood/ Getty Images.

Australia first whole genome sequencing and comprehensive health assessment is now available to the public — for $6,400.

The test by the Garvan Institute’s Genome.One currently identifies genetic risk for 49 conditions, including 31 types of cancer and 13 heart conditions, and can predict an individual’s response to more than 220 medications.

The service has been developed by a team of health professionals to support and advise an individual on what can be done to reduce identified risks.

‚ÄúPersonal genomic information not only empowers individuals to take control of their health and potentially prevent disease, it can also optimise treatment in the clinic,” Dr Marcel Dinger, CEO of Genome.One, said.

“This highly anticipated, more precise approach to managing our health sets the stage for the next generation in healthcare.”

As part of the test, patients receive a complete physical examination, physiology review and analysis, extensive pathology testing, health coaching and advice under the guidance of a general practitioner, a dietician and an exercise physiologist.

The lab hopes that the data collected from the test will allow doctors to gain a greater understanding of how each person’s unique genome affects their individual health, which in turn will have a growing impact on an individual’s ability to prevent and treat disease.

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