Here's how many times Scott Morrison's budget speech used the catchphrase 'jobs and growth'

Photo: Stefan Postles/ Getty.

Scott Morrison said a lot of thing during the unveiling of the 2016 budget but there was one particular phrase that stood out.

Jobs and growth.

Here are just a few examples of the 13 times Morrison said “jobs and growth” in his speech:

  • “First, by sticking to our plan for jobs and growth.”
  • “This Budget is a practical, targeted and responsible economic plan that meets these challenges by clearing the way for jobs and growth, in a stronger, more diversified new economy.”
  • “Such policies are not a plan for jobs and growth, they simply put our successful economic transition at risk.”
  • “Tonight, we announce a ten year enterprise tax plan to support jobs and growth.”
  • “Small and medium businesses are driving jobs growth in Australia and must continue to do so.”
  • “We do not consider that taxing these Australians more on their investments, including increasing their capital gains tax, and undermining the value of their own home and investments is a plan for jobs and growth.”

You get the idea.

All up, the phrase was used 13 times in his speech.

Since his speech, many have taken to Twitter to point out Morrison’s catchphrase of the evening.

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