Here's How Many Jobs Apple Will Bring To The US To Make Macs

tim cook state of the unionTim Cook, standing behind Michelle Obama

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Apple got a shout out during last night’s State of the Union for bringing manufacturing jobs back to the U.S.At the end of last year, CEO Tim Cook said Apple plans to invest $100 million in domestic manufacturing to produce some Macs here.

In case you’re wondering what it means in terms of actual jobs created, it’s not much.

In December, Dan Luria, a labour economist who studies factory operations at Michigan Manufacturing Technology centre, told Bloomberg that Apple’s Mac production would probably add 200 jobs. (Michael Marks, ex-CEO of Flextronics, also estimated 200 jobs would be needed to make the Macs to Bloomberg.)

That’s not exactly going to get the American economy firing on all cylinders, but we suppose it’s more about the symbolism, especially for a State of The Union address. If Apple is bringing some manufacturing back to the U.S., maybe other companies will, too.

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