Here's How Fox News Covered Today's Awesome Jobs Report

While Thursday’s jobs report demolished expectations and sent the country’s unemployment rate plummeting to 6.1%, the Fox News Channel noted the “real” unemployment rate was twice that number.

Citing the figure the Bureau of Labour Statistics calls “U-6,” defined as the “total unemployed, plus all marginally attached workers plus total employed part time for economic reasons, as a per cent of all civilian labour force plus all marginally attached workers,” the conservative-leaning news channel emphasised the higher number.

“Brand new monthly jobs numbers to tell you about,” a show anchor said Thursday morning, according to video provided by the left-leaning group Media Matters. “The unemployment rate [is] falling 0.2% to 6.1%. But with many out of the labour market, we need to point out the real unemployment rate stands at 12.1%.”

The segment quickly pivoted to discuss Wednesday’s Quinnipiac poll showing a plurality of American voters rank President Barack Obama the worst modern-day president.

For what it’s worth, some economists have criticised the notion that the “U-6” number represents the “real” unemployment figure.

View the segment below.

(h/t Jon Favreau)

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