Here's how Fishburners and UTS plan to reduce the age of startup founders in Australia

Some of Sydney’s entrepreneurs at work at startup hub Fishburners. Image: Supplied

There’s a cliched image of startup founders in hoodies in dorm rooms, but that isn’t true of Australia.

Only 6% of Australian startup founders are under the 25, with the average age between 30 and 35, according to an industry survey.

Startup space Fishburners is hoping improve these numbers through a new partnership with the University of Technology Sydney.

“23% of startups in our data said they started because of direct exposure to existing startup founders, so this space will be dedicated to maximising the exposure between UTS students and established startups,” says Murray Hurps, the general manager of Fishburners.

Fishburners are creating a satellite campus at UTS Sydney, where students will be able to have access to founders who are working on their startups.

This is in addition to several UTS programs aimed at creating Startups, like their “pre-incubator” program.

Hurps thinks it’s this extra exposure to entrepreneurs that will spur students who have ideas to take the plunge. That collaborating with entrepreneurs will drive an entrepreneurial culture.

“The space will setup so that the startups know that the students are coming in and out. And the students know that the Startups are there. And the expectation is that they are all happy to talk to each other and use that space.”

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