Here’s How DSK Will Be Monitored (By The Same Company That Monitored Madoff)


The same firm that monitored Bernie Madoff and Martha Stewart while they were under electronic monitoring, Stroz Friedberg, is going to monitor Dominique Strauss-Kahn tonight and for the foreseeable future as the former IMF chief faces trial for alleged sodomy.

If DSK wants to leave the unknown place (obviously, because of what happened with the last place he tried to stay, we don’t know the exact location) where he’s being monitored, he’ll have to make a request 24 hours 6 hours in advance (the bail contract was updated to say 6 hours instead of 24 hours).

He’ll also probably be monitored under the same conditions that Madoff was.

Here’s how SFI kept Madoff from escaping (it’s described on their website). It involves more than just an ankle bracelet.

  • Retired supervisory federal agents and high ranking New York City police officers kept detailed logs of entries and exits to the residence.
  • SFI created a dedicated, secure wireless network to ensure that Mr. Madoff did not exit except for authorised purposes. 
  • The investigators monitored and recorded all incoming and outgoing deliveries of any kind.
  • Investigators installed specialised electronic equipment to conduct remote video surveillance. The systems retained recordings of all activities, available for auditing by the court if required. 

This should help ease some of the fears that DSK will flee to Paris.

  • SFI further performed mobile monitoring when requested by the court and brought the engagement to a successful conclusion, without incident, when it escorted Mr. Madoff to his plea hearing from which he was remanded to federal prison on March 12, 2009.
  • Remember DSK has also already forfeited his 2 passports and his extradition rights.

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