Here's How Digital Media Is Changing The Way We Read And Watch The News


The Pew Research centre for the People & the Press just released a comprehensive study about Americans’ news consumption.

The findings aren’t very surprising. In a nutshell: More people are getting their news digitally, which is making up for declines in the traditional news audience. Nevertheless, over the past few years, there hasn’t been a huge decline in people getting their news from traditional sources. Rather, digital platforms are supplementing traditional media, which means Americans are spending more time with the news because there are more ways to get the news. Which seems like a good thing, right?

You can check out the full study over at Pew.

Fewer people are reading newspapers or listening to news radio. But more people are getting their news online.

Print newspaper readership is slipping. Online newspaper readership is on the rise.

Online news is more and more becoming a regular source for news consumers.

The typical American spends the most time with the news since 2004.

More people are watching TV news and for longer periods of time.

More Americans regularly watch Fox News than CNN.

CNN's audience is in decline.

But CNN still ranks high in the believability department.

Yahoo, CNN and Google are the top online news sources.

Email, RSS and blogs are the top online news technologies.

About a third of the American public access the internet or email on their smartphones. But far fewer people are getting news on their phones.

Social networking is a more popular online news source than Twitter.

Bad news for magazines.

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