BY THE NUMBERS: How California And New York Are Different From The Rest Of America When It Comes To Dating

Yesterday we published the initial results of a national poll about dating and sex conducted for us by SurveyMonkey Audience.

We queried over 1600 singles from around the country to see how they approached the dating game, and what were the common sexual mores among the unattached.

One thing we were definitely interested in was how states typically construed as more hedonistic — New York and California — stack up against the rest of the country.

As it turns out, the most populous East coast and West coast states do treat dating slightly differently than the rest of the country. Here’s how.

Californians and New Yorkers tended to have sex at a slightly younger age than residents of the other 48.

In general, respondents from New York and California also thought that it was appropriate to have sex at a younger age.

New Yorkers and Californians were also more willing to kiss on the first date.

Californians were more likely than both New Yorkers and other Americans to have dated a member of another race. New Yorkers, on the other hand, were more likely to have dated a member of another religion.

New Yorkers were more likely to have dated multiple people simultaneously. Interestingly, the remaining 48 were overall more likely to date a co-worker. Guess H.R. departments are more aggressive in the Empire State.

New Yorkers were more likely to have kissed and had sex on the first date than Californians, who in turn were more likely than the other 48.

Unsurprisingly, singles from the liberal stalwart states of the east and left coast were more supportive of gay marriage than the other 48. Still, support is remarkably high among singles across the board.

138 of 1660 respondents were from New York. 214 were from California. 1308 remained from the remaining 48.

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