Here's how big Airbnb is in Sydney, and how it compares to the rest of the world

An Airbnb listing on Sydney Harbour. Photo: Airbnb.

There are more Airbnb listings and users in Sydney than there are in San Francisco.

It sounds crazy, but it’s an example of the crazy growth the accommodation platform has experienced locally since it launched here eight years ago.

Today, Airbnb released new data around the size and rate of adoption by hosts and guests using the site.

As part of the data dump, Sydney was announced as 5th on the list of top ten users and 8th on the list of top ten listings globally.

34,000 cities are listed on the platform from every country in the world except for North Korea, Syria and Iran.

It’s the first time the city has ranked this high.

Last year was the first time Sydney broke into the top ten listings rankings, listed at number nine.

However, because the listing rankings are affected by seasons and travel trends, ANZ country manager Sam McDonagh thinks Sydney is probably even a little higher on that list.

“In terms of use, because obviously Sydney is huge a city, we’re a little higher than 8th. I think we’re more like 7th,” said McDonagh.

“But it does change based on seasonality… and so it does fluctuate. We’re a constant relative to that ranking of where we sit.

“Interestingly Sydney and Melbourne sit above San Francisco in that ranking of usage.

“That really does put things into perspective in terms of adoption of Airbnb on a global scale.”

An Airbnb listing in Bondi, Sydney. Photo: Airbnb.

Here’s a quick snapshot of how big Airbnb really is in Sydney.

  • The average age of an Airbnb host is 43, of which 59% are female and 41% are male.
  • On average Airbnb hosts in Sydney earn $5400 a year. It doesn’t sound like much but users have described the financial boost as “life-changing”.
  • This year there were 262,000 inbound guests. That’s a 106% YOY growth.
  • There were 584,000 outbound guests. Of those guests 20% were from Europe, 11% from the US, 13% from Asia, 52% are from Australia, less than 1% Latin America, less than 1% Africa.
  • There are a little over 26,000 listings across New South Wales, of which around 18,00 of those are in Sydney alone. The latter figure is twice as many listings as there was last year.
  • The average length of stay in Sydney is five nights.
  • A host in Sydney on average rents there home for 28 nights in the year. 62% of those hosts rent their entire home, 37% rent a private space or room within their home, and less than 1% have a shared space.
  • The three busiest times for Airbnb in Sydney are NY eve, the Mardi Gras, and grand final weekend in September.

Airbnb also touched on the growing trend of companies using the platform to book their employees’ accommodation when on business trips.

“Our guests and hosts are telling us that they are using Airbnb for business for about 10% of the trips that are being taken,” said McDonagh.

“That’s happened extremely organically.”

In July, Airbnb introduced a dashboard to assist organisations with the booking process on the platform.

“We have seen corporations globally such as Google, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley — traditional, quite conservative businesses — take advantage of Airbnb for business.”

Here’s a look at the top ten global rankings for both listings and users on Airbnb.

Top ten cities for listings globally.

    1. Paris
    2. London
    3. New York
    4. Rio
    5. LA
    6. Rome
    7. Barcelona
    8. Sydney
    9. Copenhagen
    10. Miami

Top ten cities for users globally.

    1. Paris
    2. London
    3. New York
    4. LA
    5. Sydney
    6. Melbourne
    7. Singapore
    8. Toronto
    9. Washington DC
    10. Berlin

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