Here's How Safety Problems Savaged Toyota Shareholders

When NYSE Euronext opened up for business January 4th, 2010, $84.86 was the going rate for a share of Toyota Motor Corp. (TM) stock.

Today? $72.11 and dropping by the minute.
Toyota’s massive screw up with its acceleration pedals and a new problem with the Toyota Prius‘ electrical system has prompted Transportation Secretary LaHood to state: Stop driving your Toyota NOW!

Taking a look at the chart below, you can see Toyota’s volume was low throughout the year so far. Then, on January 26th, when the accelerator problems really hit the news, the stock began its plunge. From the beginning of the year, the stock has fallen 13.28%.

Meanwhile, shares have dropped from a 10-year high of $135.50 to $72.75 (as of writing), a whopping 46% drop.

TM feb 3rd

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