How Americans Spend All Of Their Time [CHARTS]

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You get 24 hours a day.How you spend them, to a degree, is up to you.

When you look at different groups across the nation, however, patterns emerge in how people spend time.

The Bureau of labour Statistics’ Time Use Survey, released earlier this summer, tracks these trends.

Some state the obvious, e.g. women do more household activities than men.

Some state the odd, e.g. people volunteer more during certain weekdays than during the weekend.

And some state the sad, e.g. old people are oftentimes alone, while no one gets enough exercise.

Old people watch a lot of TV

Old people don't work much. They do sleep a lot.

Now you know why your grandparents say they are lonely...

Class time doesn't keep college students from leisure or sleep

Most college kids actually get to bed early.

High school students with jobs spend less time on education.

Stay at home mums get an hour more sleep than full-time employed mums

Women spend a lot more time doing household activities than men

Men also spend less time caring for people and buying things (but they spend more time working).

Most leisure time is spent watching TV.

Old people watch nearly twice as much TV as teenagers.

Women sleep more than men. Sleep time follows a U curve related to age

Does an increase in age also mean an increase in sense of community?

Oddly enough, people volunteer more on Wednesday and Thursday than on Saturdays

Men do the bulk of indoor and outdoor maintenance when volunteering. They also do more teaching/counseling/mentoring. Maybe coaching is at play here.

People with a higher education are more likely to volunteer, but they volunteer for a shorter amount of time.

Parents with children under 18 volunteer more.

One third of employed people work on the typical weekend day.

Only 19 per cent of wage and salaried workers work from home.

The higher your education level, the higher the chances are you work from home

Around 80% of employed people are in bed by 11pm. The peak time for leisure and sports takes place around 8pm-10pm.

Some people work harder than others ...

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