Here's how a Sydney surf forecaster found Kelly Slater's secret wave pool

Sydney surf forecaster Craig Brokensha has uncovered the location of Kelly Slater’s secret wave pool that blew up the internet this week.

After digging through posts on Redditt, Brokensha, who forecasts for Swellnet, found an article about a water-ski lake in Lemoore, about 50 kilometres south of Fresno, California.

Using Google, Google Earth, and Google Streetview, Brokensha searched for similar features he saw in background of the promotional video which Slater had released. See it below.

“The clues kept adding up,” he writes.

Going back to the history view on Google Earth he saw that there had been redevelopment in the area since the property changed hands in January 2014.

But the “final clincher” was an identical shot of a corrugated iron shed.

“A quick check back to Google Street View, and boom, there it was clear to see,” — a match to the one in Slater’s film.

All up Brokensha says it only took him an hour or so to crack the likely location.

“Flights are now booked for a strike mission to California,” he says.

Read the Brokensha’s article about his discovery on Swellnet.

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