Here’s how a health blogger grew her blog into a business

Photo: JSHealth

The JSHealth brand started very organically – I never planned for it to become a full-time business outside of my nutrition clinic.

It all started when I began studying health and nutrition for 5 years, learning about the body in such an in depth way was my trigger to change. I was starting to understand that I wasn’t treating my body very well.

Jessica Sepel. Photo: JSHealth

I started making healthier choices and created space for balance in my life – and my body (and life) starting healing. What started as a diary of my nutrition-school discoveries became a source of community for women going through similar struggles. I would share my wholesome recipes, nutritional advice and personal experience with food and my body through blog posts and eventually, released my first e-book with unexpected success.
Following the popularity of the blog and e-book, I was lucky enough to be contacted by a publishing house who would go on to publish my first book, The Healthy Life, in 2015.

The past few months have been a whirlwind. From developing the JSHealth brand, creating new recipes for the blog, furthering my nutritional knowledge, appearing at events all over the country, creating our own product, writing my second book (Living the Healthy Life, available 31st January 2017) and online program (released February 2017) – it’s been a crazy, exhilarating ride.

JSHealth has become a full time job and business. It’s a place for women to come together and support each other. We listen carefully to our community – through their comments on social media and emails, and then we create content based on what they need more of, we don’t look around and compare ourselves to others in the industry either. It’s a very simple and powerful formula that really works.

Today, the blog has created a community of which I’m so proud.

These are the things I believe can take a brand from blog to business.

  • Start a blog that has an important message and don’t sway from that message.
  • Be consistent with your content sharing – keep your community engaged with amazing content that helps them in their lives.
  • Give practical advice – that readers can actually implement.
  • Don’t be afraid to be totally candid with your own personal story – so many people can relate and appreciate honesty and transparency.
  • Listen to your community closely – they will tell you what they need more of – and create content according to that.
  • Your intention has to be pure – you have to actually care about your community and how you can help them to live a healthier life. Dollars cannot be the only things on your mind.
  • Don’t focus on money, focus on the people.
  • Share content across a blog, social media and newsletters.
  • Be genuine. Your community will feel your truth.

Jessica Sepel is a nutritionist, health blogger at JSHealth by Jessica Sepel and author of ‘The Healthy Life’.