Meth Addiction Caused A Former HP Coder To Become Homeless - Here's How She Overcame It

This story is a part of Business Insider’s “
Homeless In Silicon Valley” series reported by Robert Johnson and edited by Chris C. Anderson. Jill Klausen and graphic designer Mike Nudelman contributed to this series.

San Jose Silicon Valley Homeless Profile Photographs 57Robert Johnson for Business InsiderSue, in front of her InnVision-donated home.

It’s impossible to ignore the role drug abuse plays in contributing to
Silicon Valley’s more than 7,000 homeless residents. Sue worked at Hewlett Packard before a methamphetamine addiction tore her life apart and left her on the streets.

She was only three classes shy of her undergraduate degree when she lost everything. It was only after being arrested and spending time in jail that she put her life back together and found the help she needed.

Today, Sue shares a home donated to Silicon Valley shelter network InnVision with three other women, and is polishing her coding skills in the hope of landing a new job.

She opened her home to Business Insider in mid-July and told us, “This is the happiest I’ve ever been.”

It wasn't long ago that Sue worked for HP in Silicon Valley making nearly six figures a year before a drug addiction tore her life apart and left her on the streets.

Today she lives in a nice home in a quiet neighbourhood. The residence was a private donation by the InnVision shelter network. InnVision provides homes to women making their way off the streets and back into society.

The four-bedroom home is spacious.

A local design firm redecorated the interior.

Sue and her three roommates may live here as long as they like and pay only minimal rent.

InnVision knows how important pets are to the people it serves and allows residents to keep them as long as the animals are well cared for and don't cause damage.

Sue's collection of books are on display over the landing at the top of the stairs. Sue says she has always been an avid reader.

One of Sue's roommates works at a nursery and the backyard reflects her green thumb.

The discounted plants from the nursery add to the patio out back, offering the women a peaceful place to enjoy the outdoors.

There's a certain type of teamwork created when people who've lost everything are given a second chance.

Despite how well the roommates get along, Sue still relishes having her own bedroom.

Her room is a place for her to keep the few possessions she retained after losing her home. Sue keeps her treasured family photos prominently displayed on the wall.

Sue is polishing up her old coding skills, with the hope of finding a job. She wants to become truly self-sufficient again.

But she understands that getting back to where she was in life requires outside help, and luckily for her, she found it.

Not everyone accepts the help they need to get off the streets ...

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