Here's how 7 successful businesspeople will be using their Easter long weekend

The year is speeding by – Easter has already crept up, and it’s time for the annual long weekend.

For some, plans for the four-day weekend are spontaneous, others plan for it all year.

We asked some successful businesspeople in Australia how they planned to spend their enforced break from work.

From catching up on much needed to-do lists, to completely switching off, here’s what they had to say.

Tony Ward, managing director of SurveyMonkey ANZ.

I am taking a break at Easter and going with my wife (who is a Kiwi) and my seven year old daughter to Auckland to spend Easter with my wife’s family. There will be ‘Fush and chups’ and a trip to the Auckland Easter show. We will also head to Waiheke Island to see my father-in-law and do some wine tasting. Waiheke has some amazing vineyards, like Stoney Ridge. I will definitely enjoy the break, it has been a massive Q1 for us!

Janine Allis, founder of Boost Juice.

Every time there is a break it is a great time to catch up on work, but what I love about forced break is that no one calls, emails or wants anything from anyone. It allow you to truly switch off and just be a mum, wife, or simple do something for yourself. My favourite place is the beach, even on a cold day, so I intend to get sand between my toes and work out the best hiding places for the eggs for the Easter hunt. This will be my big issue for the day…..

Jon Beros, general manager of Scoopon.

Beros is escaping to Thailand. Photo: Paula Bronstein/Getty Images.

As we speak, I’m boarding a plane to hot and sunny Thailand with my family. After seeing all of the great travel deals Scoopon had on offer I was inspired, and what better time than when we have forced public holidays. I plan on eating a lot of Easter eggs and sitting by the beach!

I love that public holidays make hard working people spend time with family and friends. We all work very hard in startup companies and it’s great to reflect with the ones we love and take a break every once in a while. In saying that, when you’re an entrepreneur work never sleeps, especially when you’re an online company. Being abroad in Thailand will help me to relax and catch up on a few of the tasks we all dread doing and when I come back from holidays I will be ready to hit the ground running and start fresh with an clear mind.

Shaun Greenblo, CEO of Cuzin.

After returning from a business trip to San Francisco and New York, I’ll be spending this Easter tying up loose ends and following up with those I met whilst away. I kept a journal of each of our meetings and follow up items, so I have a long list to work through. It’s a time where the incoming emails will slow down, so I’ll be using the opportunity to concentrate on getting ahead of the game. I’ll also try to catch up on a bit of lost sleep and spend some quality time with my wife down at the beach! Hopefully this beautiful weather holds out.

Dean Ramler, CEO of Milan Direct.

I love public holidays as I find it a great chance to get right on top of key projects that I don’t have time for during normal business hours. I will be working on some big Milan Direct wins all throughout Easter. At Milan Direct we are heavily expanding our product range and this will be a big focus of mine during the Easter weekend, sorting through thousands of potential new product ideas, and pinpointing the winners. Look out for some fantastic new furniture arrivals at Milan Direct just after the Easter break!

Guy Polak, general manager of Mumgo.

I plan to catch up on work that has been put on the back burner as I can dedicate more time to it. I will also be staying at home with the family as we just got a new puppy and will spend a bit of time toilet training her and saving my shoes from getting destroyed.

[But] there is always something to do, we are open 24/7. I will check my emails every 10 minutes during the holidays rather then every 5 minutes.

Jo Burson, founder and CEO of Inspiring Rare Birds.

​Not being religious, these particular holidays are an opportunity to stop, rest, reflect and recuperate.

This break I will be in a very quiet, secluded place overseas. As an introvert, recuperating for me means no people, no volume, no noise and a focus on enjoying the natural environment: the ocean and good healthy food. Although its not unusual for me to have a champagne breakfast whilst overseas, I also take the chance to read, write poetry and enjoy the stillness of just existing.

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