Here's Everything We Expect Apple To Announce Next Year

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Apple had an incredibly busy 2012.How will it follow it up?

We’re expecting a big year for software, not hardware. But that doesn’t mean we’re not going to get a lot new hardware.

We’ve broken out all the major product releases were expecting in this list.

Our list is based on speculation, so don’t treat this as official. We think all these products are announced, if not necessarily in the order we present.

Spring: Apple television?

Apple updated just about everything at the end of 2012. We got new iPhones, iPads, iMacs, and iPods. That suggests it's either got nothing planned for the Spring, or alternatively, it's got something huge planned.

We're going to lean towards something huge, and guess that Apple reveals its television. rumours of a television have been rampant for years, it has to happen in 2013, right? And just like the iPhone and iPad were announced at the start of the year, why not announce the Apple TV early, too?

This is all speculation, just to be clear.

Spring: Apple TV app store

In addition to an Apple television, look for Apple to make its Apple TV platform open to developers. Apps are a big part of the reason the iPhone is a smash hit. We assume the Apple TV will get apps too.

Spring: iPad Mini with Retina display

Apple's iPad Mini is the 'real iPad,' according to Apple bloggers. There's only one big problem with it -- the screen is a dud. Apple should rectify this problem next year. We think Apple will do it surprisingly early. Our rationale: Why not? Put the pedal to the metal. Don't give up ground to Amazon or Google.

Spring: iRadio

Apple is reportedly working on some sort of Pandora-esque streaming service. We expect to hear about it early in the year.

Summer: iOS 7

Apple's newest mobile software should be previewed at WWDC, which is typically a June event. We're not really sure what Apple can do, other than add transit directions to Maps. Perhaps it opens up Siri to developers, and makes it so apps can work together more easily.

Summer: OSX 10.9

Apple says it's going to start updating its desktop software more frequently. Now that the person in charge of iOS is in charge of OSX, we expect the release schedules to be linked. And we expect more cross over between the two operating systems in terms of features. This new release is rumoured to have Siri and Apple Maps.

Summer: iPhone 5S

Surprise! Apple announces the iPhone 5S in the summer instead of the fall. Why? Because it can. And because it keeps it more relevant against Samsung's phones. And, our other idea about it: People are going to buy iPhones during the holiday quarter, anyway. Why not bump up some sales in the summer and fall when there's no special reason to buy stuff?

We expect the iPhone 5S to look just like the iPhone 5, but have improved internal specs, as well as a special software feature that only works with the 5S.

Fall: The iPad 5

Apple will redesign the iPad, hopefully making it lighter and thinner. The iPhone 5 and the iPad Mini are both super light. It's time for the iPad to join the family. Also, don't be surprised if it has a black aluminium backing like the Mini.

WILD CARD: A cheap, totally different iPhone

Apple sells the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, and iPhone 4. The iPhone 4 is the cheapest phone, but it's an older product. If Apple really wants to win the smartphone war it needs to introduce a cheap phone to sell in places like China and India. We don't think is can just roll out a years-old iPhone. We think it should come up with something new -- something that's a classy Apple product, but doesn't cost a lot of money. Maybe it comes out in 2013?

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