Here's Everything Google Knows About You

If you rely on Google search, Maps, Gmail, YouTube, or any of Google’s other zillion free products, the company stores a bunch of data about you.

Google is extremely open about what data it stores and makes it very easy to delete that data, but many people still don’t realise exactly what’s being stored, whether that information is given freely or deduced based on your searches.

A recent survey by the company Survata actually showed that the 2,500 respondents were more concerned about Google having access to their personal data than the NSA, their bosses, their parents, or their significant others:

In case you need the reminder…

If you have location history turned on, Google will track where you go.

Google will also track your search in a bunch of different categories if you have Search History turned on.

It was actually pretty interesting to see what ads I've clicked on.

Google can serve you interest-based ads because it has a bunch of data about you, including your age, gender, languages you speak, and what it thinks your interests are.

Some of my interests were on-point, but others felt pretty random. Dictionaries and encyclopedias?

Google also keeps track of what devices you use and when you were last active on them.

Wanna know how many emails you've ever sent or contacts you have? Google keeps track of that too.

Ditto with your Google Talk contacts and purchases through Google Wallet.

Google stores what apps use your info.

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