MAP: The Most Popular Bands And Artists In Each Australian State

Spotify has given us the breakdown of the artists Australians were listening to in each state in 2013.

At first glance, our streaming habits look a little unimaginative. Or perhaps we just aren’t as different from our neighbouring states as we’d like to think.

Kiwi pop princess Lorde dominated in the east, while in the west, it was Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’s time to shine.

But as we drill down a little further – and then further again – things get more interesting. Here’s what the data shows.

Map 1: The Top Three Artists

  • There’s an east-west divide between Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and Lorde
  • Six artists share all top three places
  • Lorde the only artist to feature nationwide

Map 2: Artists all of Australia loves

  • Australia’s Top 10 artists in order of Spotify popularity

Map 3: Unique listening habits

  • Qld, SA, WA and Vic all share their top 22 artists with at least one other state
  • NT has eight artists in its top 22 who are unique to Top End listeners’ preferences
  • EA Games Soundtrack could refer to a number of artists from EA titles added under a generic artist title

Map 4: Shame

  • SA and Vic share the 1D love

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